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How Are Cowhide Rugs Measured?

Our cowhides rugs are measured from the widest and tallest points on the cowhide rug. They have a natural shape that’s usually irregular. Skilled craft workers shear the hide in the most symmetrical shape possible.

All Cowhide Rugs Measured are from the widest and highest points of the skin.

Calfskin rugs are usually up to 4 feet long.

Large hides are usually 30 to 39 square feet (up to 7 feet long).

Extra large hides are usually 40 to 49 square feet (more than 7 feet long).

Cowhide Rugs Maintenance


Absolutely not! Undoubtedly, this is one of the most false Myths about Cowhides.

Cows are raised for dairy products and meat. It does not sound like a beautiful practice especially if you are a vegetarian, but that is the truth.

Cows are raised up to some age (usually 1 year when they reach 1.000 pounds weight). Then, are sacrificed (well, the right term is slaughtered) for meat. We only use the remains of cows used for food consumption.

Their skin is a sub-product that tanneries collect from slaughterhouses and treat properly to produce leather. For example Cowhide Rugs that are specially produced to “Cowhide Rugs Décor”.

Certainly, our Cowhide Rugs are a by-product of the meat processing industry from Cows reared in Brazil. The pelts are used for leather to make shoes, leather products and in some cases cowhide rugs. So you can buy and use confidently our Rugs, knowing that there is not involved cruelty or suffering.

The leather of our cowhide rugs is 100% natural. It comes from nature and will eventually return to it.

You are buying a 100% authentic and natural Cowhide Rug. In nature, no cow is identical to another, it does not exist. Some cows have differences in fur length and color. In addition, they may have some marks caused by scrapes or fire marks. These types of marks are completely normal, they are not considered defects. They are unique scars of each animal which will bring authenticity to the rug.

To avoid surprises when you receive your carpet, you can request a photograph of the exact product you are going to order.


Yes, cowhides smell like finished leather. The finished leather smell does dissipate over time.

All Cowhide Rugs we offer are treated with chemicals at the tannery to eliminate bacteria before being sold. With the high-quality control implemented in our tannery process, be assured that your cowhide will have a nice natural leather odor no matter what weather do you live in.

Even so, these chemicals can sometimes produce a strong odor that might find undesirable to some people. In this case, you can hang the rug outdoors and allowing it to air dry for a few hours. If the odor persists, try using a carpet refresher or powdered carpet deodorizer.

The most important thing is to not try to wash your cowhide rug.

Be confident, you will enjoy sinking your feet into it.

The curling may occur over time in all Cowhide Rugs.

To avoid it happening, keep your rug away from heat and direct sunlight.

If your rug is already curling, you can read how to easily fix it in our Maintenance Section.

The most important thing is to not try to wash your cowhide rug.

Be confident, you will enjoy sinking your feet into it.

¡Not at all! Actually, it requires a very easy maintenance process.

All you need is to vacuum regularly, some soap, water, and a sponge.

Take a look at our Maintenance Section for detailed information.

Our genuine cowhide rugs for sale originate in Brazil. This is a country characterized by fantastic weather and is the producer of amazing high-quality cowhides worldwide recognized.

Following the proper maintenance process, your carpet will last 20 to 30 years.

Yes of course!

You can use Cowhide Rugs as tapestries, hung on a wall and will grant great beauty and sophistication.

Also, you can use it as a blanket on your sofa and decorate the room.

When placing the Cowhide Rug, the environment will become warm and pleasant.

Yes of course! Please read the secure payment section where we clear all your doubts.

We have an excellent Shipment & Return process. Please read our section Shipping and Returns to get all the details of this process.

Please read our Refund Section to get all the details of this process.

Please read our Refund Section to get all the details of this process.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us, we will gladly assist you and clarify all your doubts.



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