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Natural Elegance

Most Popular Brazilian Cowhide Rugs Online

Natural Rugs that we offer to our customers, has proven themselves to be a classic Cowhide Rug Decor element in all types of homes.

Next, you can look at the Brazilian Cowhide Rugs that our exclusive clients like the best.

At the end of this page, you will find useful information about us and about Uses, Maintenance, and Cleaning of Cowhide Area Rugs and much more…

Superior Quality Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

You can be sure that the Brazilian Cowhide Rugs Online we offer at Cowhide Rugs Décor, are 100% authentic.

Our Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are a by-product of the meat processing industry from Cows raised in Brazil. The skins are used for producing leather to make shoes, leather products and ONLY THE BEST for Rugs. So you can buy and use confidently our rugs, knowing that there is not cruelty or suffering involved.

Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are recognized worldwide for their highest quality.

They come in a wide variety of patterns, large sizes and spectacular hair.

Cowhide Rugs Decor - The best option for your floors AND MORE...

Brazilian Cowhide Rugs SPECIALS

You can be sure that Brazilian Cowhide Rugs Online we offer at Cowhide Rugs Decor, are 100% authentic.
Our Natural Hides are a by-product of the meat processing industry from Cows reared in Brazil. The pelts are used for leather to make shoes, leather products and in some cases, Rugs. So you can buy and use confidently our hides, knowing that there is not involved cruelty or suffering.


Our hides have the top quality that characterizes Brazilian Cowhide Rugs worldwide recognized.
Their designs are presented in a variety of patterns, large size, and spectacular hair.


Cowhide Rugs Decor is a company with a long trajectory in the international market of original and high-quality Cowhide Area Rugs. We are in fast and continuous growth.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a unique and memorable experience. We want to help you achieve an environment with incomparable style, elegant and comfortable.

Each one of our unique hides is meticulously inspected at the factory. In this way, we ensure that only the finest Natural Hides reach your door.

We select our products with our hearts, thinking about the satisfaction we provide to our customers.

The best part is that we do it at an affordable price that saves you money.

We tan unique and constantly evolving Cowhide Leather from our partners in South America, which validate the origin of our hides as genuine.

! You will love your spaces decorated with our prestigious authentic Brazilian Cowhide Rugs ¡

We work online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our desire is to be able to satisfy you and achieve excellence in all aspects of customer service.

After a lot of thought, you finally decided to get a Natural Hide to decorate your room; you search online the term “Cowhide Rug” and end up very confused for all the information you have found. Price ranges from $90 to $900, over 100 websites and marketplaces to choose from, they all mention different origins (Brazilian, Argentina, Colombia, European, etc), and you read Natural Cowhide Rug, Real Cowhide Rug, Printed Cowhide Rug and at least 15 more combinations of similar terms. Now, you have no idea what to buy and where…

Brazilian Cowhides are the best in the world. Brazilian cattle are raised in a sustainable matter maximizing meat yields per animal. Therefore, you will find that Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are larger than cowhides from other origins.

As fire-branding method is rarely used, Brazilian Hides are mainly recognized by its clean and almost no-scars/brands appearance. It is common to find firebrands and other scars in hides from Colombia, Argentina, Europe or other origins. These brands are not defects; these are natural marks due to how cattle are raised and might even be appealing to some customers for its “rough” look, but most customers like and want clean cowhides. Then a Brazilian Cowhide Rug would be the best option.

Cowhide Rugs Decor sources its Cowhide Rugs from Brazil. We only select the best of the best from Brazilian tanneries so our customers receive a unique product of high quality.

All hides used in the creation of our Brazilian Cowhide Area Rugs, come from the breeding of animals for food consumption.

For this reason, we do not produce additional materials to place on the planet. We firmly believe in the sustainability of our beautiful planet. All our hides are natural and biodegradable and the whole process is carried out with great environmental awareness. All our rugs are 100% natural; they come from nature and will eventually return to it.

On the other hand, we are proud to know that in the tanneries that process our skins, minimum quantities of polluting products are released into the environment. In this way, a clean and pleasant atmosphere is maintained. We do not accept the use of bleaching chemicals or others that harm our environment.

The natural rugs offered by Cowhide Rugs Decor are more durable than synthetic rugs. Definitely, you will make a great choice when selecting our hides.

Our beautiful and natural Brazilian Cowhides Rugs can be used in multiple ways.

You can use Cowhide Area Rugs to decorate your spaces in Home and Office

  • Hanging on a wall
  • Custom living room furniture adding style and texture
  • Perhaps, a beautiful Tricolor Brazilian Cowhide Rug in your Family Room
  • Underneath the dining table or coffee table
  • Next to the bed, to place bare feet on a comfy fur hide when getting up
  • In front of the fireplace
  • They are perfect for a cozy reading nook, placing it underneath your comfortable chair.

Also, you can use our hides to upholster your furniture like:

  • Cowhide chairs
  • Customize old Ottomans
  • To create a beautiful Cowhide wall or ceiling panel
  • Cowhide bar stools
  • Upholster cushions and change the look of a bedroom or living room
  • Beautiful Cowhide Cushions to enhance that sofa…

Cowhide Rugs Maintenance is very easy. We present you the complete guide about How to Clean your Cowhide Rug, regular maintenance.

Be confident, occasional accidents are easy to solve too. Don’t be afraid of hard dirty, spills, curling, food or grease stains, mold or even urine, poop, odor and fleas of your lovely pets.

Our hides add a touch of flair to any room or space and also are very easy to care for. But don’t let maintenance fall by the wayside. A dash of soap and water mixed with vacuuming is usually all that’s needed to Clean your Cowhide Rug and keep looking brand new.

To know the details about how to maintain and clean these hides, go to our Maintenance Page and to the Post “How to Maintain a Cowhide Rug? – 2019 – Complete Maintenance Guide“.

All the cow skins that we sell are natural skin of Brazilian cows with hair (Hair-on Leather).

Due to the great variety of cattle, there are many colors and designs of hides. So, never a cow skin with hair is the same as another. When buying a cowhide with hair product, you will always have a unique product.

In addition, cowhide can be printed with patterns such as the amazing Cowhide Zebra Rug we offer.

Be it a Gray Cowhide, Dark Brindle, Gray/White, Zebra pattern or a Tricolor Brazilian Cowhide Rug, surely your space will look incredibly beautiful. Each one of our hides is carefully hand-picked, taking into account characteristics such as shape, size, quality, color, hair, design and tanning.

How to Choose a Cowhide Rug? Well, look at the decoration style and colors of the space where you want to place the rug. You must also measure the area. Then, look at the photographs and pictures we have of the cowhide rugs and select the one that best suits your decor.

As a result, friends and family will be pleasantly impressed to see your Cowhide Area Rug. You can select any of our wide range of Brazilian Cowhide Rugs Online.

We have a great variety of Brazilian Cowhide Rugs for sale with excellent prices, even less expensive than others of lower quality.

On the other hand, to learn about the way in which we Measure the Cowhide Rugs, go to page Measures & FAQS so you can better visualize your new hide in the space to which you are going to allocate it.

Always keep in mind that no cow is the same as another cow.

The images of hides that we show are real but unrepeatable. You should keep in mind that the rug you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photograph but never the same.

Believe us, the natural rugs are impressively beautiful, much more than what is seen in the images.


We want to share with you information about Brazilian Cowhide Rugs, their origin, manufacturing, maintenance, and decor tips.